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Full Disclosure: Brandon Prinsen

By Johns, Flaherty & Collins, SC on Monday, April 29th 2019

Brandon Prinsen joined Johns, Flaherty & Collins in 2009 and became a partner five years ago. Most clients know him for his business law and estate planning acumen, but here we show another side.

Are you an older, middle, youngest or only child and do you fit the stereotype?

I am the youngest. After searching online, it appears the most common stereotypes for the youngest child are (i) risk taker; (ii) highly social; (iii) youngest child gets away with more than older siblings; and (iv) youngest child puts blame on others. I fit the stereotypes of being a risk taker and being social. I got into more trouble than my brother when I was younger so I don’t fit that stereotype. I did put the blame on my brother when I was younger so that stereotype fits.

If you could have dinner with one past U.S. president, dead or living, who would it be?

Franklin D. Roosevelt. He served as president during a challenging time in the United States which included The Great Depression and World War II.

Which of your attributes helps you most in your work as a lawyer?

I’m hardworking. If you’re going to be successful in any profession, you have to put in the time and work hard.


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