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Taxes, Automobiles and Your Business: A Guide to Deductions

When it comes to paying taxes, it’s perfectly natural — even wise — to look for every possible deduction. Read More »

Accommodating customers with physical disabilities is smart business

Unless you’ve experienced a physical disability, it’s hard to understand the complexities of getting around independently in the world today. Read More »

Fraud: Protect yourself from scams

It has never been easier for criminals to make a buck via consumer fraud—or for us to fall for these scams.  Read More »

International markets offer opportunities ... and challenges

World markets may be at your fingertips, but buying and selling across the world is much more complicated than clicking the mouse a few times. Read More »

International business: you need more than just a handshake

Business once was done with just a handshake, a symbol of trust. In the international market—and really any market—it is far better today to have a strong contract. Read More »

Retail rules: Am I entitled to a price adjustment?

Is there a law that after a retail item has been sold by a business and then goes on sale for a lesser price that the business has to refund the difference? Read More »

Starting a business: what do I need to know about permits, licenses and sales tax?

I’m starting my own small business providing carpentry and drywall services. Read More »

Take Control of Online Privacy

As the March 1 effective date for Google’s new privacy policy nears, increasing numbers of consumers are buzzing about how it will affect personal privacy online. Read More »

Bankruptcy alternative: Chapter 128 helps Wisconsin debtors regroup, repay

Bankruptcy should be a last resort for people facing more debt than they can possibly repay.  Read More »

Noncompete agreements: a form of business insurance

It's ironic that one of your business's greatest assets can also be one of its greatest threats. Read More »

Solid employee policy is key to tapping power of social media in workplace

Depending on your perspective, social media may be either the biggest productivity drain or the greatest promotional opportunity since the Internet found its way to the workplace a decade ago. Read More »

When advertising, follow the golden rule

Many businesses and individuals rely on advertising to let the world know what they have to offer. Read More »

Avoid common business insurance mistakes

Business owners work hard to grow their enterprises, investing countless hours, intense labor and careful attention to assure success. Read More »

Four steps to buying or selling a business

Buying or selling a business may be one of the biggest career and personal decisions you'll ever make.  Read More »

Getting out of timeshare contracts

"My wife and I bought a timeshare a few years ago and it’s just not what we expected or want. We’ve been trying to sell it now for a few months and then hired a company to help us, but we’ve had no interest from anyone. How can we get out?" Read More »