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Divorce & Family Law

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Our family law attorneys bring combined experience of more than 100 years representing clients.

We assist clients in:

  • Adoptions
  • Child custody and support
  • Divorce
  • Marital agreements

Additionally, we work as advocates for children and incapacitated adults, frequently serving as guardians seeking to protect our clients' interests through all stages of life.

Representative Clients

A divorced woman, who went unrepresented in a divorce, found her ex-husband had hidden retirement assets during the divorce eight years prior. Johns, Flaherty & Collins attorneys reopened the divorce because he hadn't disclosed the assets, and won the woman's share of the two retirement accounts.

A young unmarried father wanted to have his own alone time with his infant child. Having never been emotionally involved with the father, the child's mother wanted sole custody and placement. Working with Johns, Flaherty & Collins, the father was able to determine exactly what he was willing and able to do well for the child and make a solid case for shared placement and custody. The family court commissioner rewarded the thoroughly-considered approach with more generous placement for the father and set the stage for half-time placement as the child grew.