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Grandparents rights: not a sure thing

In an intact family—meaning married and no divorce—grandparents have no rights to see the children unless the parents agree.

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Five steps to avoid online defamation

A generation ago, members of the press were pretty much the only people who had to worry about issues like defamation and libel. Today everyone online needs to think about it.

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Homeowners Insurance: A look at the basics

If you have a mortgage on your home, your lender has probably required you to carry homeowner’s insurance.

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You and Your Social Security Number: When to Use it; When to Refuse It

As numbers go, it’s probably the most important one you’ll ever own. 

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Infographic shows divorce by the numbers

Infographic offers a snapshot of divorce in Wisconsin and the U.S., including frequency, risk factors and the most common reasons couples pursue the option. 

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Tips for business owners facing divorce

Anyone contemplating a divorce has a lot at stake, and if you’re a business owner, you can add a whole new list of considerations.


What we can learn from Picasso about estate planning

While one might be tempted to think of estate planning as merely having your will in place, it's really about much more. It's like a puzzle, where you need to be certain all the pieces fit together. 

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Debunked: five myths about wills and probate

“People have many reasons for putting off estate planning,” says Prinsen, “many of which are due to common myths.”

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Legal Dilemma: Does workers comp cover mental health?

I know that workers’ compensation will cover physical injuries sustained while on the job, but will it also cover mental illness stemming from my workplace? 

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Full Disclosure: Ellen Atterbury

We're delighted with our newest associate, Ellen Atterbury, and enjoy her fresh and original take on things.