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Preparing your executor or trustee for success

While death is not a favorite dinnertime conversation, it’s crucial to set aside time to talk with those you have designated to manage your estate when you’re gone.


Infographic shows how often coworkers report misconduct

The Washington DC-based Ethics Resource Center's most recent National Business Ethics Survey reveals how often co-workers report each other for misconduct and what types of misconduct are most commonly reported. It also shows that many questionable ethical actions are considered OK. 

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New Wisconsin law making it easier to deny unemployment benefits comes under scrutiny

The Wisconsin Supreme Court clarifies language in (and offered a new precedent for) a 2013 state employment law that made it easier for employers to deny unemployment claims. 

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Is it legal to spy on your spouse?

Spouses may spy to see if their partners are cheating, spending time with undesirable friends, drinking, gambling or otherwise behaving badly. But is it legal?

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Statutory close corporations a great alternative for many businesses

For small business owners looking for the protection of a corporation and the simplicity of something less formal, a “statutory close corporation” may be just right.

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Johns, Flaherty & Collins' top 3 all-time most popular blogs

We were surprised at what most people were looking for. Are you?


Conducting job interviews: questions to avoid

If you’ve ever conducted a job interview, you know firsthand how tempting it can be to ask as many questions as you can to get to know candidates both professionally and personally.

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Is it legal to drive with pets on your lap?

Do Wisconsin distracted driving laws prohibit unrestrained animal companions? La Crosse attorney David Pierce answers.

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Jury Duty: Do you have to go?

Often when people are called for jury duty, they have a number of reasons they don’t want to go: a big deadline coming up at work, child care issues, illness or just plain disinclination.

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Can you separate real legal news from fake news?

With the lightning speed of communication today, we’ve never been more inundated with fake news. Can you tell what’s real versus what’s urban legend?