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Holiday checklist for business owners

Business owners face long holiday checklists. Not only do they have their personal gift and planning lists, but they also often have business-related lists for holiday cards, parties, client gifts or year-end bonuses.


Changes to Financial Laws Possible in the Wake of Recent Election

In the wake of the recent election, many are speculating how changes in our nation’s highest levels of leadership will affect financial laws and regulations. 

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Jury Duty: Do you have to go?

Often when people are called for jury duty, they have a number of reasons they don’t want to go: a big deadline coming up at work, child care issues, illness or just plain disinclination.

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Q&A: Do I really need a license for a simple raffle in Wisconsin?

I volunteer with the parent-teacher organization at my child’s school, and we’re planning a raffle-style fundraiser. One of the parents said we need a license from the state in order to conduct our raffle. Is that true? If it is, what steps do we need to take?

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How much do you REALLY know about presidential election laws?

We’re just days away from the U.S. presidential election, and while you may know what to do when you get in the voting booth, do you really know what happens once you leave it?

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What Is "Pain and Suffering?"

In a personal injury case how is “pain and suffering” defined, and how is it calculated?


Expungement: Getting "That" Off Your Record

If you or a loved one is convicted of a crime, you probably want to get beyond that mistake quickly. Is there any way to remove the charges from your record?


Weird Wisconsin laws make unwitting criminals

You probably fancy yourself a law-abiding citizen, but in Wisconsin, there are several laws still on the books that you may be breaking without knowing. 

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Estate Planning Guide: From age 18 to 118

Many people are surprised to learn that estate planning becomes relevant for all upon turning 18. Check this guide to see what you need at this point in your life. 

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Estate Planning Through the Ages

One size does not fit all when it comes to estate planning. Each of us has different needs and priorities, depending on where we and our family members are in our lives.