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Online shopping safety guide a must-read

Ninety-six percent of American adults have shopped online at some point. If you'e among them, are you staying safe?

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What qualifies as defamation?

Defamation is a tricky area, particularly as it pits harm to one’s reputation against free speech.

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5 reasons you should call your insurance company after a car accident

Many are reluctant to call their insurance company after an accident. Here's why they should call anyway.

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How to perform a citizen's arrest (and why it's best not to)

For all the talk, citizen’s arrests get very little action in the La Crosse area.

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In divorce and family law, Fido counts too

Some states now are enacting legislation to recognize pets as beings with feelings and emotions, and with that, family law is changing.

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Child custody: how can I get missing father's permission for international travel?

My 13-year-old daughter hasn't had contact with her father for several years (we don't know where he is). My husband and I want to take her on vacation, but I recently learned that to take her in and out of the country, she needs a notarized letter of consent from her father.. 

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Full Disclosure: Brian Weber

Here's a sneak peek at what interests Brian Weber outside of his law practice.

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My ex says she has tenancy rights to my home

She says I should be the one to move.


Curfew Laws: Why you need to know where your child is

Many parents today remember a time when the 10 p.m. news began with a question for viewers: “It’s 10 p.m. Do you know where your child is?”

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Full disclosure: Terry Collins

Terry Collins is a name partner at Johns, Flaherty & Collins. You may know his work, but here's your chance to see another side of him.