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Need for photo release depends on intent

Understanding photo rights — when you can take them, when you can post or publish them and when you need a release form from the people in them.


Full Disclosure: Joe Veenstra

Full Disclosure: Joe Veenstra

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Infographic shows statistics about dog bites

In tracking dog bite data throughout the year, the Centers for Disease Control have made some interesting discoveries.


How can I stop someone from impersonating me online?

A friend of mine recently said she was surprised by one of my Facebook posts. I don’t have a Facebook page, so I couldn’t understand what she was talking about. She opened her account and showed me a page that had been created in my name with my photo and other personal information and had connected with several of my friends. How can I shut it down?

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Love hurts: your liability when your dog causes injury

In Wisconsin, the law essentially says a dog owner is liable whenever their animal companion injures or causes injury to a person or another animal.


Visitation: how can I see my son?

My former girlfriend has full custody of our son, and doesn’t want to give me visitation rights. What can I do? I’m paying child support. I should get to see my son.


Fireworks: What's legal in Wisconsin?

Some would argue there is nothing more American than apple pie, mom and fireworks, especially around the Fourth of July.

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Consider legal implications of at-home DNA tests

Experts warn that there may be unanticipated implications of at-home DNA tests, and potential legal issues.

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5 things you cannot do while collecting unemployment

It’s important to know the restrictions on what you can do while collecting unemployment.

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Quick guide to types of trusts

This infographic offers a quick guide to the most common types of trusts.