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Driving with a cell phone: Wisconsin law clarified

Can you please clarify Wisconsin’s laws about cell phone use while driving? Can I text if I’m using voice controls?

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Augmented reality meets metal and glass: Poke-risks in a Poke-verse

Pokemon is nothing new. Since the late 90s, gamers have captured, trained and battled with hundreds of little creatures from the comfort of their couches. Pokemon has spawned anime and manga television series, a few dozen films and a lovely low-tech card trading game that cost unknown numbers of third graders stern reprimands during silent reading time. Now, the Pokemon franchise gives us some legal issues to consider.

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Top 3 liabilities of summer

Summertime in Wisconsin is magical. Residents emerge from an interminable hibernation to enjoy the beauty, recreation and many celebrations dotting our region. But it isn’t all fun and games. Summer in Wisconsin is a prime time for injury-related accidents—many of which can easily be avoided and many of which carry big liability issues when they aren’t.


The power of mediation: getting parties to settle out of court

When mediation lawyer Brent Smith negotiates a case, he moves from room to room, listening and sharing offers and counter offers. One goal of mediation is faster and less expensive resolutions to legal problems.

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What's the difference between a seasonal employee and a seasonal worker?

Seasonal employee and seasonal worker may seem synonymous, but there’s actually a subtle difference—a difference that can mean a lot when it comes to healthcare benefits.  And more importantly, it is not what you call the worker, but how the position is defined.

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Five steps to take before starting your business

What makes one new business succeed and another fail? It all may come down to what is done long before you open your door, according to attorney Anthony Gingrasso.

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Wisconsin crime increases in summer; don't be a victim

With summer comes sunny vacations, afternoons at the pool, ice cream sundaes and farmers markets. But summer in Wisconsin also has an unfortunate companion: increased crime. 

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What the Supreme Court's top five decisions this week mean for Wisconsin residents

It’s been a busy few days for the U.S. Supreme Court, with a number of big-case decisions—and, in more than one matter, indecision. Here’s the rundown on the top five and what they mean for Wisconsin residents.

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Do you need a prenup? Depends on how you answer these four questions.

These four questions can help you determine whether a prenup makes sense for you and your partner.

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Q & A: Can I suspend child support during summer vacations?

As a non-custodial parent, you may wonder if you have to continue paying child support during summer months, especially if your child is staying with you for an extended time during their vacation.