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Top 10 questions to ask your divorce attorney

If you’re contemplating divorce, one of the most important steps you can take to relieve stress is hiring the right attorney. 

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Top six myths about personal injury cases

If you’ve ever watched daytime television, you’ve seen the commercials: “If you’ve been injured in an accident…,” “We’ve obtained millions of dollars for our clients…,” and so on. They can leave viewers believing we are all just one injury away from living a luxury lifestyle. While many people do have personal injury cases, and some may call for seven-figure settlements or jury awards, a lot of common beliefs about personal injury are really just myths. 

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Holiday checklist for business owners

Business owners face long holiday checklists. Not only do they have their personal gift and planning lists, but they also often have business-related lists for holiday cards, parties, client gifts or year-end bonuses.

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Three holiday cautions for employers

Signs that the holidays are here are inescapable. From the music in the stores to the wreaths on the doors, the sounds and symbols are everywhere—in homes, churches and, yes, even workplaces.

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Users Guide to Divorce

A booklet full of insider knowledge and tips to help you move through divorce.

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Can you spot a scam? Take our quiz to find out.

It would seem with every new form of telecommunications comes a bevy of new ways for fraudsters to try to bilk you.


Six things you need to know before buying a timeshare

Before you go out and buy into a timeshare, here are six things you need to know.

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Charitable giving: tips for gifts that last

As another season of giving rolls around, many again will be deciding whether to give, to whom and how much.

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Infographic shows consequences of drinking and driving this holiday season

This infographic offers a snapshot of both the human and the legal consequences of drinking and driving this holiday season.

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How to (realistically) avoid drunken driving this holiday season

The holidays are just around the corner and with them, celebrations and libations. But that also brings a sobering fact: an average of 300 people die each year in drunken driving crashes during the week between Christmas and New Year. And nearly every single one is preventable.