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Data breaches: strategies for protecting your client information

Implementing or upgrading some basic security strategies can help you better protect customer information and reduce your risk of a breach.

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Q&A: Can I do estate planning without an attorney?

My spouse and I have resolved to get our estate planning started this year. I have some friends who did it on their own, and I’m wondering if I can too or if I should use a lawyer.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Divorce

Understanding the steps involved in divorce can help you feel a bit more comfortable knowing what to expect during an emotionally taxing process.

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Auto accident: do I need an attorney?

I was in a car accident last week and suffered whiplash and a broken arm. The accident was the other driver’s fault, and I have his insurance information. Is that enough or do I need a lawyer?

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Drinking and driving: Should I submit to a field sobriety test?

To request a field sobriety test, an officer must have probable cause that you were driving while impaired as evidenced by your driving behavior.


Divorce and insurance: three important considerations

As if there isn’t enough to worry about when divorcing — child placement and support, maintenance, dividing assets and liabilities — you also need to think about insurance.

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Ten questions to determine whether and when to sell your business

Pundits have long discussed the life cycles of businesses, often reducing them to tidy four- or five-phase sequences. For business owners, however, the stages are not so clear and can be fogged by their own personal life cycles.

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Do we have to repay financial gift?

A relative gifted us money. Now she says we mismanaged it and told us to get a good lawyer.


How giving affects Medicaid eligibility

Tax rules surrounding gifting and Medicaid are separate, but gifting may affect eligibility. 


10 Great Gifts for Lawyers

Prime gift-giving season is approaching. If you count a lawyer amongst your loved ones, check out some of these legal-themed surprises you might want to add to shopping list.