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Infographic shows consequences of drinking and driving this holiday season

This infographic offers a snapshot of both the human and the legal consequences of drinking and driving this holiday season.

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How to (realistically) avoid drunken driving this holiday season

The holidays are just around the corner and with them, celebrations and libations. But that also brings a sobering fact: an average of 300 people die each year in drunken driving crashes during the week between Christmas and New Year. And nearly every single one is preventable.

custody battle.png

Legal dilemma: Divorcing spouses disagree on child's religion

My ex and I disagree on our child’s religion. If we leave it up to the court, how will it make a decision?

wisconsin truancy law.png

Even the best students can face truancy issues

It’s not uncommon for any student to experience truancy issues—even those earning straight-As

ellen horizontal.png

Full Disclosure: Ellen Frantz

While you may have worked with Ellen Frantz in the past on an employment or family law matter, we bet you never knew these three things about her.

parental consent.jpg

Consent forms: do I give up all my legal rights by signing

With the new school year, I'm getting bombarded with parental consent and release forms. 

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Overtime pay: do I have to take comp time instead?

Is my employer violating the law in refusing overtime pay for my work beyond eight hours a day or 40 a week?

consumer billing dispute.jpg

Billing disputes: tips for consumers

Communicating with the business should be your first step in any billing dispute.


Easements: what are my rights as landowner?

My local power company just requested an easement to erect some windmills on my farm property. What is an easement, and do I have to oblige?


Understanding the process of small claims court

A basic guide to Wisconsin small claims court.