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auto accident dos and donts.jpg

Do's and don'ts after a car accident

Did you know that on average in Wisconsin, there's an auto accident every four minutes?

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Resume fraud more common than one might think

Employers always need to be aware of the potential for resume fraud. 

auto accident dos and donts.jpg

Auto accidents: do's and don'ts

What should you do first after an automobile accident? 

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Succession planning: turning your company over to the next generation

Your business is going well and even includes two of your six kids in its management. What will happen when you decide to retire or die?

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Respect the rodents and defer to the dairy: scary laws in Wisconsin and beyond

Laws are written to protect the fundamental rights of citizens, and most laws aren’t scary unless you break them. Sometimes, however, local ordinances can get pretty specific…and a little weird.

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Corporate integrity: maintaining separate corporate identity protects officers, owners

Maintaining a separate corporate identity is key to protecting officers and owners from personal liability for the acts or debts of the business. 

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Restraining orders: when they are justified and how to proceed

A restraining order is a court order aimed at stopping someone from harassing you. 


Full Disclosure: Tony Gingrasso

Tony Gingrasso joined Johns, Flaherty & Collins, SC, in 2014. You can read about what makes him a great lawyer on his bio, but in this Full Disclosure, you'll learn more about what makes him an overall great guy.

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Preparing your executor or trustee for success

While death is not a favorite dinnertime conversation, it’s crucial to set aside time to talk with those you have designated to manage your estate when you’re gone.


Infographic shows how often coworkers report misconduct

The Washington DC-based Ethics Resource Center's most recent National Business Ethics Survey reveals how often co-workers report each other for misconduct and what types of misconduct are most commonly reported. It also shows that many questionable ethical actions are considered OK.