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Full Disclosure: Brian Weber

Here's a sneak peek at what interests Brian Weber outside of his law practice.

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My ex says she has tenancy rights to my home

She says I should be the one to move.


Curfew Laws: Why you need to know where your child is

Many parents today remember a time when the 10 p.m. news began with a question for viewers: “It’s 10 p.m. Do you know where your child is?”

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Full disclosure: Terry Collins

Terry Collins is a name partner at Johns, Flaherty & Collins. You may know his work, but here's your chance to see another side of him.

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Flag desecration: is it OK to wear clothes decorated with an old flag?

I have a pair of bell bottoms that I found at a thrift store with flares made from an old American flag. Is it considered flag desecration to wear them? 

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Business partnerships: What you need to know about getting in, out

The many benefits that can come with a business partnership often entice people to begin working together before they have formalized all the details. 

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The odds of a felony conviction [Infographic]

Infographic showing the latest data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics reveals the number of felony charges that actually end in convictions.

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If I’m fired, will I lose my pension?

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act, sometimes called ERISA, provides important protections should you be terminated prior to retirement.


Full Disclosure: Brandon Prinsen

Most clients know Brandon Prinsen for his business law and estate planning acumen, but here we show another side.


For sale by owner: avoid common legal problems

With today’s do-it-yourself approach to many things home-related, it’s not uncommon for home sellers to take the for-sale-by-owner route.