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5 tips for choosing a great lawyer

Whether you need help with estate planning, a divorce or a personal injury lawsuit, you’ll want and need to have the right attorney in your corner.

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Big YouTube Changes Could Spell Legal Trouble for Users

If you upload videos to YouTube, especially if you embed music in those videos, you'll want to make sure you're not hitting a sour note when it comes to copyright. These days, record labels and musical artists are working harder than ever to protect their assets, and you could be held liable if you make a copyright misstep.


Boating safety: understanding of laws, common sense required

When the high temperatures of summer hit, there’s nothing like a day on the water.

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Can I be sued?

I had an adverse reaction to some new medication while driving my car and accidentally hit and injured a bicyclist. Can criminal charges be filed? Can the bicyclist sue me?


Choosing an Attorney: Five Tips to Follow

Whether you need help with estate planning, a divorce or a personal injury lawsuit, you’ll want and need to have the right attorney in your corner.


Curfew Laws: Why you need to know where your child is

Many parents today remember a time when the 10 p.m. news began with a question for viewers: “It’s 10 p.m. Do you know where your child is?”


Do I have to answer whether I was drinking?

Tis the season to be merry!

Do you have unlimited free speech?

Don’t expect the First Amendment to give you cover for anything and everything you might say or write.

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Drinking and driving: Should I submit to a field sobriety test?

To request a field sobriety test, an officer must have probable cause that you were driving while impaired as evidenced by your driving behavior.

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Driving with a cell phone: Wisconsin law clarified

Can you please clarify Wisconsin’s laws about cell phone use while driving? Can I text if I’m using voice controls?


Expungement: Getting "That" Off Your Record

If you or a loved one is convicted of a crime, you probably want to get beyond that mistake quickly. Is there any way to remove the charges from your record?

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Fantasy football? Don't bet on it

Right about the time fantasy football wraps up, it will be time for fantasy basketball, and Wisconsin fans will be at it again. 

Few happy with new Internet regulations

With lines like "Save the Internet" and "Join the fight for Internet Freedom," the rhetoric surrounding network neutrality may lead some to believe their very basic freedoms of speech and information access are at stake. 

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Five everyday legal tips to make life easier

Life can be messy. Thankfully, with a little legal planning, some of the messiest aspects of life can be minimized or prevented altogether. These five legal tips can help you preemptively smooth out some of the transitions and trials of life.

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Five steps to avoid online defamation

A generation ago, members of the press were pretty much the only people who had to worry about issues like defamation and libel. Today everyone online needs to think about it.

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Five tips for choosing a lawyer

Chances are at some point in your life, you'll need a lawyer. It is the nature of the complex world we live in that sometimes we need the guidance of an attorney to protect our interests. Whatever the reason, you want to make sure you get the caliber of representation you deserve. 

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Four myths about drunken driving

Soon it will be the season to be merry, but statistics indicate that getting too merry can bring devastating consequences.

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How to (realistically) avoid drunken driving this holiday season

The holidays are just around the corner and with them, celebrations and libations. But that also brings a sobering fact: an average of 300 people die each year in drunken driving crashes during the week between Christmas and New Year. And nearly every single one is preventable.

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How to perform a citizen's arrest (and why it's best not to)

For all the talk, citizen’s arrests get very little action in the La Crosse area.

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Infographic shows consequences of drinking and driving this holiday season

This infographic offers a snapshot of both the human and the legal consequences of drinking and driving this holiday season.

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Is an OWI lawyer worth the cost?

Infographic shows drunken driving arrest outcomes according to legal representation.


Juveniles charged as adults: Slender Man stabbing reignites discussion

The Slender Man stabbing has sparked a lot of attention not only here in Wisconsin but also across the country. It’s tragic on many levels — children hurting children.

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Prom, graduation and alcohol: what's a parent to do?

It’s prom season, and soon it will be graduation season as well—a time of celebration and milestones where adolescence and adulthood converge.

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Protecting consumer data requires vigilance

A few months ago it was Target and Michael’s. Then it was Heartbleed and Michael’s (again).

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Restraining orders: when they are justified and how to proceed

A restraining order is a court order aimed at stopping someone from harassing you. 


Scraping for new ideas: when is it considered plagiarism

Now that the dust has settled from the 2014 Wisconsin governor race, let’s talk about plagiarism.

Small claims court: five fallacies to understand

Small claims court can be a great resource for ordinary people seeking civil justice. It’s quicker and less expensive than the usual court process, yet still yields legally enforceable judgments.

Steps when you are stopped by police after drinking and driving

When you see the flashing police lights behind you and you've been drinking, what should you do?  


Students face academic - and legal - consequences when plagiarizing

The electronic age has brought easy access to a wealth of information on topics as diverse as history, science, art, homemaking, crafts, medicine, parenting and, yes, the law.

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The odds of a felony conviction [Infographic]

Infographic showing the latest data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics reveals the number of felony charges that actually end in convictions.

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The party's at our house

We’re hosting a graduation party at home for our son and a few of his friends. As long as we’re supervising, is there any problem with serving a little beer?

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Three bizarre social media lawsuits

We've blogged many times about the legal implications of social media...

Tougher drunken driving laws now in effect in Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s broad-sweeping reform of laws governing operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated (OWI) is a little less broad in its sweep when compared with other states and countries.

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Traffic tickets: a driver's guide

Even simple driving mistakes can be costly.

Underage drinking could cost parents

If you have a teenager, chances are you’re gearing up for prom and graduation season.  But if alcohol becomes part of those special events, both you and your teen stand to get in serious legal trouble.

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What NOT to Wear to Court

Wearing the wrong thing to court can decide your fate before you even see the judge.

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What the Supreme Court's top five decisions this week mean for Wisconsin residents

It’s been a busy few days for the U.S. Supreme Court, with a number of big-case decisions—and, in more than one matter, indecision. Here’s the rundown on the top five and what they mean for Wisconsin residents.

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What you can learn from Facebook's latest fumble

It’s happened again. Facebook is in the news for raising ire — this time for allowing researchers to manipulate users’ newsfeeds to gauge emotional responses to positive or negative posts.

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Wisconsin crime increases in summer; don't be a victim

With summer comes sunny vacations, afternoons at the pool, ice cream sundaes and farmers markets. But summer in Wisconsin also has an unfortunate companion: increased crime.