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Don't Litigate. Mediate. Navigate. Communicate. Negotiate.

Many people today prefer to work out the terms of their divorce or other disputes outside courtrooms and between themselves. With decades of experience, our team has built a reputation for being among the best mediators in La Crosse WI and Western Wisconsin. We help resolve a number of legal disputes — with or without attorneys — outside the courtroom, concluding them faster and more affordably than through litigation. 

Why is mediation your best option?

We can settle your DISPUTES

•    Business Matters
•    Construction Issues
•    Contract & Landlord Disagreements
•    Custody and Visitation
•    Divorce
•    Employment
•    Neighbor Issues
•    Personal Injury
•    Probate & Estate Challenges

We can protect your PRIVACY

Even day-to-day matters are expensive to take to court and may result in unwanted or embarrassing publicity. With mediation, we will keep your private matters confidential.

We can lower your COST

Before both sides start spending money that could be better used for your family or your business, it is worth trying to resolve the dispute through professional mediation.

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Mediators for many needs

Business and Employment

Mediation paves the way for a more peaceful, efficient resolution to disputes arising in the business world. And that’s important when working through issues with employees, long-time clients and others with whom you’ll be working in the future. Mediation also allows you to maintain some control over the outcome, which can mean the difference between profit and loss or success and failure. 


That new house or new addition didn't turn out as you dreamed? The final bill was more than you expected? Construction law can be complicated, and construction disputes can be expensive. Before both sides start spending more that could be better used on the project, it is worth trying to resolve the dispute is mediation. Often, the only verdict that a court can order is one that results in one side winning and the other side losing but is impossible to enforce. The goal of mediation is to find a solution that makes sense and that is workable.

Divorce / Custody & Visitation

With the complex emotions involved, agreeing on divorce and custody issues can be difficult. But if you leave it to the courts, neither party may achieve a desirable outcome. That's where mediation comes in. A mediator can help divorcing couples work together to develop a plan for parenting after divorce while also helping to resolve property division disagreements. Mediation gives you more say in the decisions that affect you and your family.

Landlord-Tenant & Contracts

Not getting along with your coworkers or former business partners? Have a problem with a former employee or employer? These can be expensive matters to take to court and can result in unwanted or embarrassing publicity. Mediation is an excellent way to resolve these disputes peacefully and quietly.

Neighbor Issues

Fences, drainage, and identification of property lines are common areas of dispute among neighbors. Suing the person who lives next door to you may make the situation even worse. It's worth the effort to see if you can settle your differences amicably in mediation.

Personal Injury

Personal injury trials can be unpredictable, with juries sometimes delivering disappointing results. With mediation, you're likely to reach a resolution more quickly and less expensively. Outcomes tend to carry less risk, with both parties more likely to come to a mutually beneficial agreement.

Probate & Estate

Resolving probate disputes can be complicated. Usually, the parties are grieving. They may also bring old wounds to the process, which typically becomes a matter of public record and, potentially, embarrassing water cooler talk. Mediation will help you keep the issue within the family, while also saving time and money. Plus, the less formal structure of mediation, compared with litigation, allows more flexibility to develop a fair and satisfying resolution.

La Crosse Mediation Center can help you

The goal of mediation is to find a solution that makes sense and that is workable. If you have a dispute to resolve, call us at 608-784-5678 to get help now.


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