Alternative Dispute Resolution

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Why use Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)?

Alternative Dispute Resolution can help parties reach an agreement before it's necessary to enter the courtroom. The potential benefits of settling disputes before litigation through Alternative Dispute Resolution include:

• Maintaining confidentiality of the involved parties and the dispute itself
• Controlling costs associated with the dispute
• Likelihood of resolving matters more quickly
• Less formality
• Greater flexibility

Forging creative solutions to meet the needs of the involved parties is essential to the ADR process. As a third party, we can facilitate dispute resolution in several ways: negotiation, mediation, collaborative law, arbitration and conciliation.

When to use Alternative Dispute Resolution

ADR provides a valuable alternative to going to court, which makes it appropriate for a wide variety of clients and disputes. If you're looking for a professional mediator near me, it's important to know when is it appropriate to consider ADR, and why to use alternative dispute resolution.

When you must preserve an ongoing relationship

Disputes with those you have to continue to affiliate make it necessary to reach an agreement all parties can live with. Taking an issue to court can create an adversarial relationship in the long run. ADR, on the other hand, may be more effective at maintaining a functioning relationship, when necessary. Here are some examples:

  • Seeking a school lawyer near me? You may wish to resolve school-related disputes outside of court to ensure your child's experience in the school remains positive. This can include finding a lawyer for school bullying, a lawyer for child injury at school, and more.
  • Looking for top real estate lawyers or residential real estate lawyers near me? To maintain a positive relationship with your landlord or neighbors, you may want to explore ADR.
  • When you're seeking an attorney for a business lawsuit in La Crosse, Wisconsin, you may wish to come to an agreement that allows you to continue to maintain your current job and income stream.

When the expense of litigation is prohibitive

Although it is situation-dependent, ADR can be less expensive than going to court. You may be able to avoid court costs by resolving the dispute through ADR.

When a faster resolution is important, but not urgent

Coming to a settlement can happen more swiftly than pursuing resolution through litigation. If urgent action is necessary due to the issue at hand, consult with your legal advisor about the most appropriate legal option for you.

When you want a solution that works for both sides

While court-imposed agreements can be effective, research shows that mediation typically works out best in the long run. Why? Parties are encouraged to reach creative solutions and engage in discussion about a suitable compromise.

Is Alternative Dispute Resolution right for you?

If you are searching for arbitration services near me or a professional mediator near me, ADR may be for you. Contact us to find out whether ADR is appropriate for your situation.