Insurance Law

Whether you are pursuing fair compensation for your justified insurance claim, facing litigation in connection with an accident, or working to defend your insurance company from questionable claims, the attorneys at Johns, Flaherty & Collins are here to help. With a deep understanding of insurance defense disputes and a commitment to providing sound legal advice to those facing insurance-related challenges or compliance questions, our legal team is ready to go to work for you.

Providing insurance law expertise to the Seven Rivers Region and beyond

Insurance law frequently involves a dispute between an insurance company and the insured client, often when the insured faces a legal proceeding. Insurance defense lawyers may represent the insurance company in the event of a claim against an insured party or help insurance companies comply with laws and regulations. Other insurance law attorneys may help an insured person pursue payment of a claim.

Whatever your insurance law matter at hand, our attorneys can assist. Our insurance defense attorneys handle a wide variety of insurance concerns, including:

Searching for Insurance Defense Law Firms in La Crosse, Wisconsin?

When it comes to insurance litigation, the stakes can be high for insurers. When you need an insurance defense law firm, you want a legal team with a proven history of success in handling insurance cases on behalf of insurance companies, experts who understand the insurance industry, insurance law, and the state and federal regulations that apply. At Johns, Flaherty & Collins, our attorneys represent the interests of insurers in the face of coverage challenges, protecting the company's interests from unjust or overreaching claims.

Need a law firm to advise your organization on local, state and federal insurance laws? Our expert legal team can provide invaluable insight into insurance law your company needs.