Municipal & School Law

Municipal & school law attorneys in La Crosse, Wisconsin

With a robust background in school and municipal law, our legal team is ready to put our experience to work for you. Whether you are striving to make your business vision a reality and journeying through bureaucratic obstacles, or facing litigation before an administrative agency and seeking legal counsel, our attorneys in La Crosse, Wisconsin, are prepared to help.

We can help you pursue financing assistance and navigate concerns, including:

  • Federal loans and grants
  • Affordable financing through industrial development revenue bonds
  • Initiatives at the local and state legislative levels
  • Managing bureaucratic obstacles
  • Collaboration to avoid legal objections

A trusted legal advisor to school districts, municipalities and more

Our attorneys are available to serve as special counsel for school districts, municipalities, and other committees and boards in the public sector. We recognize the complexity of the issues decision-makers face every day and the rapidly-changing environments in which they operate. Making sound, legal decisions along the way is fundamental to the function of these important entities. Having a trusted legal team by your side can speed implementation of new initiatives, ensure progress in the face of contract negotiations or litigation, and avoid undesirable conflicts.

Our legal team can assist with several aspects of school and municipal government, including:

  • Land use and zoning issues
  • Contract negotiation and employment contracts
  • Labor relations and negotiations
  • Disciplinary school proceedings
  • Civil or criminal litigation
  • Compliance with state and federal regulations
  • Liability litigation

Finding the best attorneys in La Crosse, Wisconsin

When you need legal expertise related to municipal and school law, you want the best attorneys in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Our team's expertise means you will have access to the legal opinion you need to continue the important work at hand, without delay.