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Need for photo release depends on intent

Understanding photo rights — when you can take them, when you can post or publish them and when you need a release form from the people in them. Read More »

Navigating Constant Change: Employment Law in 2021

Society is changing quickly, creating deep divides within workplaces and forcing employers to make difficult decisions.... Read More »

Do I have to allow my tenant's emotional support animal to live with them?

Here's what you need to know as a landlord about emotional support animals. Read More »

Verbal agreements: most are legally binding but open to interpretation

Technically, most verbal agreements are in fact legally binding.  Read More »

Do I need to consult an attorney before signing a real estate offer to purchase? 

With real estate transactions, an attorney can offer an invaluable layer of protection against unforeseen circumstances. Read More »

Three Questions with Joe Veenstra

One thing we all love about Joe Veenstra is the guy likes (and knows how) to have a good time. Whether working with his... Read More »

Is a handwritten will legally binding?

Wondering if you can make arrangements on your own and whether a handwritten will is legally binding? Here's what Wisconsin law says. Read More »

Visitation: how can I see my son?

My former girlfriend has full custody of our son, and doesn’t want to give me visitation rights. What can I do? I’m paying child support. I should get to see my son. Read More »

Bank accounts: can I withdraw all the money in joint account

I put my boyfriend’s name on my checking account & he deposited his tax refund. A week later, he left me. I withdrew all the money. Does he have any rights in getting any of the money back? Read More »

How to get your apartment security deposit back

Understanding landlord-tenant law in Wisconsin, and your rights and responsibilities as a renter, can go a long way to ensuring you get most, if not all, of your security deposit back. Read More »

David Pierce named partner at Johns, Flaherty & Collins, SC

Local attorney David Pierce has become a partner at the Johns, Flaherty & Collins, SC, law firm. Pierce joined the firm... Read More »

Q&A: Do I really need a license for a simple raffle in Wisconsin?

I volunteer with an organization & we’re planning a raffle fundraiser. Someone said we need a license from the state to have our raffle. Is that true? Read More »

Boating safety: understanding of laws, common sense required

Boating violations carry penalties of anywhere from $20 up to $1,000 each. Common local violations include not having enough life jackets or a throwable life-saving device on board and overloading a boat. These violations can cost you, and you may be required to attend a boater’s safety course — which isn’t a bad idea for anyone hitting the water Read More »

Swipe right ... to an instant background check

Tinder will be the first dating app with an instant background check later this year & reps say the goal is to protect users from violent crimes, harassment & stalking Read More »

Steve Doyle demonstrates he's a true family man

Here's your chance to see a more personal side of our partner Steve Doyle. Steve practices Divorce Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Business & Corporate Law, Estate Planning and more Read More »