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How to find hidden bank accounts in divorce

According to the National Endowment for Financial Education, hidden assets exist in two-thirds of all marriages. Read More »

Attorney Justin Peterson joins Johns, Flaherty & Collins, SC

La Crosse attorney Justin W. Peterson became a partner this month at the Johns, Flaherty & Collins law firm. Peterson... Read More »

Changes coming to the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)

Changes are coming this year to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act that could impact anyone who is struggling as a result of our economic slump. Read More »

In divorce and family law, Fido counts too

Some states now are enacting legislation to recognize pets as beings with feelings and emotions, and with that, family law is changing. Read More »

Signs it's time to consider a trust

A living trust can be an attractive option to many, allowing for the transfer of asset ownership while maintaining the ability to use the assets as you normally would. Read More »

Consumer protection cases headline Supreme Court cases in 2021

A closer look at the consumer protection-related trends and cases we're keeping an eye on in 2021.  Read More »

Eight alternatives to foreclosure

Even though a moratorium on foreclosures was extended through March 2021, banks and landlords can pick up where they left off when it comes to foreclosures Read More »

Divestment: Understanding legal alternatives

With nursing home costs topping $100,000 per year it’s no wonder seniors need Medical Assistance or Medicaid when they hit a major health crisis Read More »

Johns, Flaherty & Collins attorneys named in Wisconsin Super Lawyers

Two lawyers from the local law firm Johns, Flaherty & Collins have been named in the 2021 issue of Wisconsin Super Lawyers Read More »

Insider's Guide to Divorce

Researchers rank divorce as the second most stressful life event, second only to death of a spouse. Download this booklet full of insider knowledge and tips to help you move through divorce. Read More »

Legal advice pays off when buying/selling a home

For most of us, a house is our most expensive and significant purchase in life. If ever there is a time to call in professional help, this would be it. Read More »

10 Great Gifts for Lawyers

If you count a lawyer amongst your loved ones, check out some of these legal-themed surprises you might want to add to shopping list. Read More »

Four considerations for people Googling "divorce" during the holidays

Google searches for the word “divorce” show a decrease in the weeks leading up to Christmas & an increase the 10 days after. If you are contributing to these Google searches you may find these tips helpful Read More »

Holiday checklist for business owners

Business owners face long holiday checklists. Not only do they have their personal gift and planning lists, but they also often have business-related lists for holiday cards, client gifts or year-end bonuses. Read More »

How giving affects Medicaid eligibility

Tax rules surrounding gifting and Medicaid are separate, but gifting may affect eligibility.  Read More »