Employment & Labor Law

Attorneys in La Crosse, Wisconsin Specializing in Employment and Labor Law

Whether you're a business leader who wants to ensure the organization is compliant with state and federal laws, or a worker with questions about your employment rights, our team of employment and labor law attorneys can guide you through the process.

Our business law attorneys are ready to help you with a wide variety of employment and labor legal questions, including:

  • Compliance with state and federal laws
  • Employment policy development
  • Employment handbook drafting
  • Employment litigation
  • Hiring, discipline and termination
  • Grievances

Additionally, our attorneys can represent clients called before administrative agencies to look after your interests.

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The landscape of employment and labor law is ever-changing. As a business leader, it can be challenging to make sure your internal policies are updated appropriately, and that your business is compliant with state and federal laws. More, when employment situations get heated and action must be taken, you want to be certain your company is acting appropriately under the law. Our experts in employment and labor law can provide invaluable legal guidance you need for the protection of your company and assets.

Employment law experts

So much of our lives are spent in the workplace; it's vital to know your rights and responsibilities, whether you’re a business owner, manager or employee. At times, it can be critically important, particularly in situations involving safety, compensation, family and medical leave, policies, and integrity. When questions arise, it's invaluable to have a trusted legal expert you can turn to for counsel. With our comprehensive understanding of employment law, our attorneys can help you or your company find your way through the many legal matters you encounter. Trust our team of business law attorneys for all of your employment and labor law-related needs.