10 Great Gifts for Lawyers

Prime gift-giving season is approaching. If you count a lawyer amongst your loved ones, check out some legal-themed surprises you might consider sharing this holiday season.


1. Lawsuit Board Game

Lawsuit Board Game

Give the whole family a glimpse into the life of a lawyer with this 2-6 player game. Should you accept an offer of a settlement? Form a partnership or stick with a solo practice? Object? Appeal a verdict? The best part: every player gets a little gavel to play both attorney and judge.


2. Books


Some days, the temptation to write an opening argument in rhyming couplets can be overwhelming. Others, the need to name your dinner something cute like “Prosecution Pizza” or engage in some late-night hero worship is unavoidable. Honor the multi-modal attorney with some shtick-y literature.


3. Legal Pad Apparel

Legal apparel

That’s right…we really do use legal pads like crazy. While we probably won’t wear them into the courtroom, this tie and pair of Chucks will likely be our favored go-to wardrobe items every other day.


4. Lady of Justice Tree Topper or Scales of Justice Menorah

Lady of Justice Tree Topper or Scales of Justice Menorah

Here are some holiday gifts that keep giving. Cute Christmas or Hanukkah décor goes well beyond dust-collecting to blend clever with endearing.


5. Grammar Dinnerware

Grammar Dinnerware

Remember that time an Oxford comma won a lawsuit? We guarantee that the lawyer in your life can tell you all about the case. Language is an attorney’s best friend, and these plates illustrate some of the most nuanced nuances of the written word.


6. Crystal Ball

crystal ball

This one hardly needs explaining. A truly functional crystal ball would definitely help with those tough cases. A cute paper-weight crystal ball is great for…well, holding down papers. We collect a lot of papers that need some weight on them.


7. Lawgos


This one isn’t really for sale, but it was only a matter of time before someone thought, “Civil litigation is a perfect theme for a Lego set.” Legal issues probably prevented this set from going on the market, ironically.


8. Disappearing Civil Liberties and Supreme Court Cases Mug

Disappearing Civil Liberties and Supreme Court Cases Mug

The description of this mug says, “Add hot water and watch your civil liberties disappear before your eyes.” The metaphorical depths of this gift are endless.


9. Come Back with a Warrant Doormat

Come Back with a Warrant Doormat

Really, this is a clever gift for anyone, isn’t it? What better way to welcome your guests and potential law enforcement visitors than with a message that has been repeated countless times in every legal drama series ever written?


10. Lawyer Poetry Kit

Lawyer Poetry Kit

Because we can’t get enough of our day jobs, and because we’re naturally magnetic (pun utterly intended), this set of poetic legalese is perfect for any attorney.

The truth is, the lawyer in your life will love almost any gift, if it’s shared with love. Whatever you do, though, avoid those books of lawyer jokes. You can trust that we’ve already heard them all.

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