Personal Injury Posts

Personal Injury: Proving Emotional Distress

The complexity of the human psyche makes proving emotional distress in personal injury trials challenging. Read More »

9 Times you need a personal injury lawyer

See nine times a personal injury lawyer can make your journey to recovery smoother and more successful. Read More »

Parental liability: Our 17-year-old crashed our car and injured someone. Are we liable?

If you are the parent or guardian of a child facing legal issues, it's essential to understand your child's rights and responsibilities, as well as your own. Read More »

Personal injury: Should I take the settlement?

I was injured in a car accident this winter when another car slid through an intersection and broadsided me. Read More »

Understanding workers' compensation in Wisconsin

If your health care provider says you need more treatment and your employer denies your workers' comp, knowing your legal rights is essential Read More »

3 signs you have a personal injury case

If you watch TV you may think any injury results in a personal injury case & thousands of dollars are waiting for you to claim. Reality is much different Read More »

Top six myths about personal injury cases

A lot of common beliefs about personal injury cases are really just myths. If you think you might have a personal injury case, call an attorney. Though the vast majority of personal injury claims are for car accidents, you may also see many commercials focusing on problems resulting from medical products and devices. Read More »

Love hurts: your liability when your dog causes injury

In Wisconsin, the law essentially says a dog owner is liable whenever their animal companion injures or causes injury to a person or another animal. Read More »

New meds and car accident...can I be sued?

I had an adverse reaction to some new medication while driving my car and accidentally hit and injured a bicyclist. Can criminal charges be filed? Can the bicyclist sue me? Read More »

Many factors involved in successful personal injury cases

Decisions in personal injury cases come down to negligence, how it’s defined and whether you can prove it.   Read More »