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AI Laws and Ethical Considerations Still Evolving

AI development has outpaced the development of AI laws, raising complex questions about rights, responsibilities, and regulations. Read More »

Stars, Stripes, and Etiquette: An illustrated background on the U.S. flag

Check out our newest infographic to see how much you know about the U.S. flag. We bet you'll find at least one surprise. Read More »

Wisconsin businesses and the legislative horizon

It's in business owners' and leaders' best interests to keep an ear to the inner workings of the Wisconsin State Legislature for obvious reasons. The policy lawmakers develop and consider can profoundly impact Wisconsin businesses, and in 2023 we see several items worth watching.  Read More »

Artificial intelligence and legal considerations

We're breaking down some of the potential legal pitfalls of AI and what they could mean for you or your business. Read More »

Holiday checklist for business owners

Business owners face not only personal gift and planning lists, but also business-related lists for holiday cards, client gifts or year-end bonuses Read More »

Buy-sell agreements protect your business interests for years to come

Buy-sell agreements are one of the most important tools for your long-term business success. Developing a good buy-sell agreement takes much discussion and involves 5 primary considerations Read More »

Easements: what are my rights as landowner?

My local power company just requested an easement to erect some windmills on my farm property. What is an easement, and do I have to oblige? Read More »

Business partnerships: What you need to know about getting in, out

The many benefits that can come with a business partnership often entice people to begin working together before they have formalized all the details. Read More »

Concealed weapons in private businesses: What are the rules?

If you choose to post a sign prohibiting guns in your private business, your liability as a business owner actually increases Read More »

My ex says she has tenancy rights to my home

My girlfriend and I recently split. For the last year she lived with me. Now she won’t leave, says she has tenancy rights & I should be the one to move Read More »