Criminal Defense Posts

Five steps to avoid online defamation

With nearly worldwide access to social media, virtually anyone can find themselves, unwittingly or otherwise, liable for defamation. Read More »

Legal Dilemma: Could I get in trouble for bathtub baby photos?

One of my Facebook friends said I could get into legal trouble for posting cute photos of my baby in the bathtub. Is that true? Read More »

Are psychedelic drugs headed to a pharmacy near you?

As marijuana becomes legal in many states for medical & recreational purposes, proponents of certain psychedelics are exploring decriminalization and potential medical use Read More »

Animal welfare laws in Wisconsin

Because Wisconsin has an abundance of wildlife as well as domestic pets and livestock, animal welfare laws are in place for each. Read More »

Students face academic — and legal — consequences when plagiarizing

The wealth of information on the internet makes it easier than ever to become better informed — or at least appear to be. Read More »

Frequently asked questions about marijuana laws in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is flanked by states that have legalized marijuana to some degree. Here's where marijuana laws stand in Wisconsin. Read More »

5 most commonly broken laws in Wisconsin and the U.S. 

When it comes to breaking the rules, we have a lot in common. 5 most commonly broken laws in Wisconsin and the U.S. Read More »

Citizen's arrest: What you should know

Citizen's arrests have been getting a lot of attention lately — and causing some devastating problems. Read More »

What is a preliminary hearing in Wisconsin?

How preliminary hearings in WI work, plus when to waive a preliminary hearing and how and when to use preliminary hearings to negotiate a deal. Read More »

Four myths about drunken driving

Soon it will be the season to be merry, but statistics indicate that getting too merry can bring devastating consequences. Read More »