Estate Planning & Elder Law Posts

Will my family automatically inherit my estate?

Planning to take care of our loved ones after we're gone can be an endeavor that offers lasting peace of mind. What happens if you don't have a plan in place? Read More »

Estate planning tips for millennials

Millennials are in the prime of their lives, but if the past few years have taught us anything, it's that no one can take their well-being for granted. Read More »

Should I include burial plans in my will?

To ensure your end-of-life wishes are honored, make them known to loved ones before you pass on. Read More »

5 reasons not to DIY estate planning

5 ways having an estate planning attorney makes all the difference in ensuring your estate will be handled the way you intend. Read More »

Cremation Law: Info to know about cremation in WI and scattering ashes

Wisconsin laws are pretty clear about what's allowed for burials and entombment, they're much less so when it comes to treatment of cremated remains Read More »

Estate planning for blended families

If you are in a blended family, you may need to take extra steps when estate planning. Working with a trusted estate planning attorney can give you the peace of mind that you've taken proper legal steps to ensure your estate will be settled as you want it to be Read More »

How giving affects Medicaid eligibility

Tax rules surrounding gifting and Medicaid are separate, but gifting may affect eligibility.  Read More »

5 legal tips to consider before retirement

Most Americans look forward to their retirement for years, if not decades, but before you ride off into the retirement sunset, consider these legal tips.  Read More »

Is a handwritten will legally binding?

Wondering if you can make arrangements on your own and whether a handwritten will is legally binding? Here's what Wisconsin law says. Read More »

Strategies for heading off estate troubles

With careful pre-planning, you can anticipate and head off potential estate problems. Read More »