Three Questions With Lisa Felt

Lisa Felt has been a star player on the Johns, Flaherty & Collins team for nearly 30 years. As a paralegal, she's worked with hundreds of clients on multiple matters. So you can imagine our shock when she used a dirty word in her final sentence.

lisa feltWhat's your favorite holiday and why?

I have always loved Halloween. When people ask me why, I say “what other day can you knock on someone’s door and they will give you free candy?” I love seeing the little children in their costumes, especially homemade ones. Our daughters’ all-time favorite costumes were the vagabond ones we made together. They got to write and color all over an old pair of jeans, carry a stick with a kerchief tied on top (and one on their head), we put some smudges on their face and cut the tops of their old tennis shoes off. We still smile at the photos.

If you could master one skill you don’t have right now, what would it be?

Definitely woodworking. It would be great to make something with your own two hands.  Or to be able to take an old cabinet and turn it into a fantastic piece you would love to have in your home. I would enjoy building bird houses as well. We have about 14 homemade (by someone else) bird houses in our yard that the girls have painted (at all different ages). It’s amazing to see how talented they got as they aged!

What's the best thing about being a paralegal at Johns, Flaherty & Collins?

I absolutely love what I do (I must as I’ve been a paralegal for over 37 years now)! While I’m a college graduate with a paralegal degree, I’ve definitely learned a lot more on the job than I ever did in school (but college is important) and that’s because of the wonderful attorneys that I’ve been lucky enough to work for (and with) all these years. I have enjoyed working with our clients in several different areas of the law, and I get a great deal of satisfaction when we finish a case and the client is happy. I’d like to add that I hit the lottery 27 years ago when I joined this firm, and it will be a pretty sad day when I [here comes the dirty wordretire and I no longer get to work with this great group of lawyers and staff.



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