Warranties: when must I state the warranty period for my services?

Is it unlawful for me not to state the warranty period for my work when I quote a job for a customer?

It doesn’t matter whether the warranty period is stated in the quote, so long as it is stated in writing before the services are provided, according to attorney Michael Stoker. Without stating the warranty coverage in a written contract, the assumption is there is no warranty and the court will be left to determine what is appropriate."

In order to warranty labor for home improvement, for example, the seller must do all of the following:

  • Document the warranty in writing.
  • Give the buyer a copy when the buyer contracts for the home improvements.
  • Disclose all warranty terms and conditions.

If the seller installs a product that is covered by a manufacturer’s product warranty, the seller must give the buyer a copy of that warranty when the seller installs the product.

For more information about warranties, contact Michael Stoker at 608-784-5678.

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