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Gray divorce is on the rise

Gray divorce is becoming more common. In fact, the U.S. Census Department reports that Americans over age 55 are divorcing at more than two gtimes the rate of any other age group Read More »

Parental liability: Our 17-year-old crashed our car and injured someone. Are we liable?

If you are the parent or guardian of a child facing legal issues, it's essential to understand your child's rights and responsibilities, as well as your own. Read More »

FTC proposes end to noncompete agreements 

In its ongoing efforts to promote fair competition and protect consumers, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently announced a proposed ban on noncompete clauses. Here's how that could affect you. Read More »

Artificial intelligence and legal considerations

We're breaking down some of the potential legal pitfalls of AI and what they could mean for you or your business. Read More »

Personal injury: Should I take the settlement?

I was injured in a car accident this winter when another car slid through an intersection and broadsided me. Read More »

5 Classic Divorce Mistakes [INFOGRAPHIC]

See 5 classic mistakes people make when getting divorced. If you need help navigating divorce, call Johns, Flaherty & Collins, SC. at 608-784-5678 Read More »

Can you spot a scam? Take our quiz to find out.

It would seem scammers have endless ways to bilk you out of your hard-earned money. How susceptible are you? Read More »

Holiday checklist for business owners

Business owners face not only personal gift and planning lists, but also business-related lists for holiday cards, client gifts or year-end bonuses Read More »

Buy-sell agreements protect your business interests for years to come

Buy-sell agreements are one of the most important tools for your long-term business success. Developing a good buy-sell agreement takes much discussion and involves 5 primary considerations Read More »

Easements: what are my rights as landowner?

My local power company just requested an easement to erect some windmills on my farm property. What is an easement, and do I have to oblige? Read More »

How is child support calculated in Wisconsin?

For those facing divorce and the potential for paying child support obligation, it's natural to wonder what that financial obligation will be.  Read More »

Attorney James Burrows joins Johns, Flaherty & Collins, SC

La Crosse attorney James M. Burrows has joined Johns, Flaherty & Collins, SC, becoming a partner in the law firm in... Read More »

Will my family automatically inherit my estate?

Planning to take care of our loved ones after we're gone can be an endeavor that offers lasting peace of mind. What happens if you don't have a plan in place? Read More »

Business partnerships: What you need to know about getting in, out

The many benefits that can come with a business partnership often entice people to begin working together before they have formalized all the details. Read More »

What to do with spam calls in Wisconsin

Spam calls can be one of life's great annoyances. The good news is the law offers some protection from these annoyances. Read More »