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Legal Literacy: How well do you know your legal rights? (Quiz)

Explore various facets of the law as it applies in daily life and perhaps reveal some surprising legal insights. Read More »

Weed out the confusion: A Wisconsinite's guide to THC laws

A look at THC laws in Wisconsin: What’s legal, what could get you into hot water, and why you might want to keep a lawyer on speed dial!   Read More »

Love and legalese: Crafting a prenup that protects your future

A prenuptial agreement does more than just protect assets; it sets clear expectations and boundaries that can help strengthen your partnership from the start. Read More »

Realtor commission shake-up: What the NAR settlement means for you

The National Association of Realtors' recent real estate commission settlement is a game-changer in the real estate world, and it's something home buyers and sellers should keep an eye on. Read More »

Legal Mythbusters Quiz

Test your legal knowledge and debunk some of the most popular myths about the law.  Read More »

When is my child old enough to stay home alone?

When is my child old enough to stay home alone? As the school year comes to a close many parents question when they can leave their children home alone Read More »

Primary Custody, Shared Custody and Split Custody

When parents decide to share the custody of their children, there are differing ways to approach an arrangement, among them, primary, shared, or split custody.  Read More »

Teens and Alcohol: The party's at our house

We’re hosting a graduation party at home for our son and a few of his friends. Can we serve teens alcohol as long as we’re supervising? Read More »

Finally, A Peace Treaty for Humans and Their Pets

Due to overwhelming demand, our law firm has taken a unique and playful turn, crafting a bespoke peace treaty for our clients with more... furry concerns. Read More »

5 Ways a Real Estate Lawyer Protects Your Home Investment

Navigating the maze of homebuying can be complex and costly, but enlisting a knowledgeable real estate attorney can be a game-changer. Read More »

Avoiding Probate: A Guide for Consumers

Probate, a court-supervised process of distributing a deceased person's assets, can often be more of a burden than a relief. Here's how to avoid probate. Read More »

Personal Injury: Proving Emotional Distress

The complexity of the human psyche makes proving emotional distress in personal injury trials challenging. Read More »

AI Laws and Ethical Considerations Still Evolving

AI development has outpaced the development of AI laws, raising complex questions about rights, responsibilities, and regulations. Read More »

Do I have to let a tenant's emotional support animal live with them?

Here's what you need to know as a landlord about emotional support animals. Read More »

Getting engaged: legal considerations lack romance

Valentine's Day isn't just all about love and chocolate. If it includes a marriage proposal, it can also be about oral contracts and conditional gifts. Read More »