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How to break up with a business partner in an LLC

Five primary steps to take when withdrawing from or dissolving an LLC. Read More »

Three questions with David Pierce

David Pierce joined Johns, Flaherty & Collins in 2017 after graduating from the University of Wisconsin Law School and... Read More »

What is a preliminary hearing in Wisconsin?

How preliminary hearings in WI work, plus when to waive a preliminary hearing and how and when to use preliminary hearings to negotiate a deal. Read More »

Johns, Flaherty & Collins attorneys named in Wisconsin Super Lawyers

Super Lawyers has named Johns, Flaherty & Collins attorneys Brent Smith and Brandon Prinsen among the top attorneys in Wisconsin for 2021. Read More »

5 classic divorce mistakes to avoid

Sadly, happily-ever-after does not always happen, a reason many couples find themselves in court to dissolve what once appeared to be so promising. Read More »

Four myths about drunken driving

Soon it will be the season to be merry, but statistics indicate that getting too merry can bring devastating consequences. Read More »

Legal Dilemma: Does workers comp cover mental health?

I know that workers’ compensation will cover physical injuries sustained while on the job, but will it also cover mental illness stemming from my workplace?  Read More »

Infographic shows consequences of drinking and driving this holiday season

This infographic offers a snapshot of both the human and the legal consequences of drinking and driving this holiday season. Read More »

How giving affects Medicaid eligibility

Tax rules surrounding gifting and Medicaid are separate, but gifting may affect eligibility.  Read More »

How to (realistically) avoid drunken driving this holiday season

The holidays are just around the corner and with them, celebrations and libations. But that also brings a sobering fact: an average of 799 people die each year in drunken driving crashes during the week between Christmas and New Year. And nearly every single one is preventable. Read More »

Can you speak legalese? Test your knowledge of legal lingo

You’ve probably heard dozens of legal terms just from following the news but do you know what they mean? Take this quiz to gauge your knowledge of legal terms Read More »

Is it legal to spy on your spouse?

Spouses may spy to see if their partners are cheating, spending time with undesirable friends, drinking, gambling or otherwise behaving badly. But is it legal? Read More »

Protected classes: when letting go of an employee gets complicated

What happens when you need to terminate someone for cause but it appears to be discriminatory? Read More »

5 legal tips to consider before retirement

Most Americans look forward to their retirement for years, if not decades, but before you ride off into the retirement sunset, consider these legal tips.  Read More »

Instatrap: 4 ways Instagram can get you into legal trouble

What seems like it might be all in good fun could get you into an instatrap of legal trouble. How can you avoid legal problems while Instagramming? By learning from the mistakes of others.  Read More »