Divorce & Family Law Posts

Minors flying solo require special considerations

A number of special considerations are required when minors fly solo. Here is some helpful information so you can navigate their way with no emotional or legal turbulence.  Read More »

Child placement: vacations involve extra planning for split parents

Holidays and summer vacations are frequently an impetus for families to renegotiate shared custody arrangements. Read More »

Social Security: can I collect benefits from ex-spouse's account?

Am I eligible to receive benefits from my ex-husband's account? Read More »

Bank accounts: can boyfriend transfer funds without my permission

My boyfriend and I own a house together (both names on title and mortgage). The bank allowed him to have the automatic monthly payment transferred from our joint checking account to his individual savings account without my permission. Can they do this? Read More »

Divorce and debt: avoiding a nasty surprise

Spouses often think that debt the other spouse has incurred during marriage can’t affect them after a divorce. Read More »

Maintenance: understanding taxes

Don't forget about tax implications when planning your divorce settlement. Read More »

Getting engaged: legal considerations lack romance

Valentine's Day isn't just all about love and chocolate. If it includes a marriage proposal, it can also be about oral contracts and conditional gifts. Read More »

Custody decisions must focus on children

When either married or unmarried couples with children separate, their chief concern typically is their children. Read More »

Step-by-Step Guide to Divorce

Understanding the steps involved in divorce can help you feel a bit more comfortable knowing what to expect during an emotionally taxing process. Read More »

Divorce and insurance: three important considerations

As if there isn’t enough to worry about when divorcing — child placement and support, maintenance, dividing assets and liabilities — you also need to think about insurance. Read More »