Estate Planning & Elder Law Posts

Should you take your spouse's name?

Nearly 30,000 Wisconsin brides each year must decide whether to change their names when they marry. Among those, roughly 60 to 80 percent do take their husbands’ last names. Read More »

What does it mean to be an executor in a will?

My parents just told me I’ve been named executor of their will. What does that mean? What does an executor do? Read More »

Second marriage: how do we keep our assets separate?

I am in my 50s and engaged to be married this year. Read More »

Estate planning: don't forget to plan for your digital estate

Estimates indicate 30 million Facebook accounts belong to dead people.  Read More »

Estate planning for parents: should the guardian and the trustee be the same person

My husband and I just had a baby and are doing our first will. Read More »

Getting out of timeshare contracts

We bought a timeshare and it’s not what we expected. We've been trying to sell it, hired a company to help us, but have had no interest. How can we get out? Read More »

Property Ownership: How Do We Keep Property in the Family?

How do we put my mother's real estate in mine and my siblings’ names in a way that keeps it in the immediate family? Read More »