Second thoughts about a firing decision?

Second thoughts about a firing decision?

It isn’t common but occasionally supervisors may rethink the firing of an employee, especially if a legal issue comes to their attention.

If you find yourself in that situation, attorney Brent Smith suggests:

  • In rare instances, offering to hire that person back.
  • Providing a severance package that may include salary and benefits for a period of time.
  • Helping this person get another job, including writing letters of reference and possibly paying the fee for an employment service.  

“You may learn something later that may create some potential legal exposure and wonder how to handle it,” he said. “I’ve seen employers use all three of these suggestions. The easiest is offering the job back, but that may not be possible. I’ve also seen people offer a severance package that includes paying for the employment service.”

Second thoughts about a firing decision?By Brent Smith, La Crosse Employment Lawyer. For an employment lawyer in La Crosse WI, call him at 608-784-5678.

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