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Easements: what are my rights as landowner?

Easement Question: My local power company just requested an easement to erect some windmills on my farm property. What is an easement, and do I have to oblige? Read More »

7 signs someone is embezzling from your company

It's an unfortunate reality that employers need to vigilantly safeguard their assets from those they must trust the most: their own employees. Read More »

Billing disputes: tips for businesses

The best way to prevent billing disputes is a written contract outlining costs, expectations and delivery date. Read More »

Intellectual property: protecting your ideas with copyrights, trademarks and patents

Most businesses at some point will want to keep their ideas from being used by others. Read More »

Commercial leases: what to look for

What should I look out for in a commercial lease? Read More »

Landlord-tenant law: Under what circumstances can a landlord keep a security deposit?

Knowing when you are entitled to keep a security deposit can be tricky without some advanced planning. Read More »

Top four reasons for landlord-tenant legal problems

Once people find a rental property that fits their needs and budget, few give further thought to the landlord-tenant relationship: sign here, initial there. But that initial transaction—for both the tenant and the landlord—paves the way for either a harmonious relationship or a tumultuous one. Read More »

Beyond the here and now: Buy-sell agreements can protect your business interests for years to come

Buy-sell agreements are one of the most important tools for your long-term business success. Read More »

Buying a home: what must the seller disclose?

Here's what you should include on your real estate condition report . Read More »

Business structures: choosing the one that's right for your organization

When it comes to different business structures, one size does not fit all. Read More »