Business & Corporate Law Posts

Students face academic — and legal — consequences when plagiarizing

The wealth of information on the internet makes it easier than ever to become better informed — or at least appear to be. Read More »

An employer's guide to unemployment tax

In its most basic form, unemployment insurance works much the same way as private insurance policies — except it's actually a tax. Read More »

How to break up with a business partner in an LLC

When it's time to break up with a business partner in an LLC, it's best to understand what needs to be done from a business and legal perspective Read More »

Need for photo release depends on intent

Understanding photo rights — when you can take them, when you can post or publish them and when you need a release form from the people in them. Read More »

Verbal agreements: most are legally binding but open to interpretation

Technically, most verbal agreements are in fact legally binding. The problems come if or when you ever need to prove exactly what you and another party agreed to Read More »

Renting out your space via Airbnb? Consider these legal issues first.

Airbnb & VRBO have made it easy for people to rent out their property, but the issue can become sticky for both the property owner and the renter Read More »

Buying vs leasing: understanding the pros and cons

Whether you're starting a new business or growing an existing one, you probably need equipment to get the job done. Read More »

Legal advice pays off when buying/selling a home

For most of us, a house is our most expensive and significant purchase in life. If ever there is a time to call in professional help, this would be it. Read More »

Surly about surcharges? You're not alone. 

COVID-19 surcharges may be a difficult pill to swallow for consumers. For businesses they may provide a valuable lifeline to help survive a harsh economic storm Read More »

More COVID-19 legal questions and answers

Answers to legal-related COVID-19 FAQs. As the coronavirus situation continues to evolve, we're seeing questions in a number of legal areas Read More »