Business & Corporate Law Posts

Intellectual property: protecting your ideas with copyrights, trademarks and patents

Most businesses at some point will want to keep their ideas from being used by others. Read More »

Commercial leases: what to look for

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Landlord-tenant law: Under what circumstances can a landlord keep a security deposit?

Knowing when you are entitled to keep a security deposit can be tricky without some advanced planning. Read More »

Top four reasons for landlord-tenant legal problems

Once people find a rental property that fits their needs and budget, few give further thought to the landlord-tenant relationship: sign here, initial there. But that initial transaction—for both the tenant and the landlord—paves the way for either a harmonious relationship or a tumultuous one. Read More »

Buying a home: what must the seller disclose?

Here's what you should include on your real estate condition report . Read More »

Business structures: choosing the one that's right for your organization

When it comes to different business structures, one size does not fit all. Read More »

Home buying: an extra set of eyes helps when buying a house

While it is common for real estate agents and loan officers to prepare and review with the buyer the relevant paperwork for the purchase of a home, only a lawyer can give legal advice. Read More »

Leasing: understand the risks when guaranteeing your child's lease

Landlords are looking for someone to guarantee their leases, and they’re looking to the parents of student renters. Read More »

Business valuation: half art, half science

Knowing you've gotten the most possible from your years of investment and hard work is as difficult as being certain you got highest possible dollar value for your home. Read More »

Succession planning: turning your company over to the next generation

Your business is going well and even includes two of your six kids in its management. What will happen when you decide to retire or die? Read More »