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Steps when you are stopped by police after drinking and driving

When you see the flashing police lights behind you and you've been drinking, what should you do?     Read More »

Intellectual Property and the Internet: What to know before you post

When the Internet first began to shape popular culture more than a decade ago, few could have anticipated the astounding impact it would have on commerce, education and even social relationships.  Read More »

Business valuations important for many reasons

Many business owners work day in and day out to build value in their companies, but few know the actual value of their enterprise. Read More »

Grandparents (sometimes) have legal right to visit grandchildren

Grandparents often lament not seeing their grandchildren as often as they’d like. Read More »

Collecting child support from out-of-state parents

When a divorced parent decides to move out-of-state, child support payments rank along with custody and visitation at the top of concerns--especially for the parent receiving the child support payment. Read More »

Heed embezzlement warning signs

 It's an unfortunate reality that employers need to vigilantly safeguard their assets from those they must trust the most: their own employees. Read More »

Selling Your Business: Should You or Shouldn't You?

A time comes in every business life cycle when an owner considers selling his or her company. Read More »

Libel and Slander: Do blogs count?

If you think blogs are out of control during elections, you are not alone. Read More »

Boating safety: understanding of laws, common sense required

When the high temperatures of summer hit, there’s nothing like a day on the water. Whether you’re skiing, fishing or just cruising, the lakes and rivers of the Coulee Region provide a wonderful escape. Read More »

Identity Theft: Consumers are own best weapon

Identity theft is one of the most common crimes in the country, affecting approximately 9-10 million Americans each year. Read More »

Protect Your Credit Rating

The first step in protecting your credit rating is understanding how creditors decide whether to lend you money or what interest rate to charge you. Read More »

An employer's guide to unemployment tax

The economy may be improving but unemployment rates show no signs of declining. Read More »

Divorcing couples means dividing property

Estimates suggest that more than 2,500 couples divorce each day in the United States.  Read More »

Choosing an Attorney: Five Tips to Follow

Whether you need help with estate planning, a divorce or a personal injury lawsuit, you’ll want and need to have the right attorney in your corner. Read More »

Property rights: approach nuisance neighbors with care

Whether you rent or own your home you may have a problem with a neighbor. Nuisance laws provide your best shot at enjoying both your property & your neighbors Read More »