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Bloggers beware: what you post may not be legal

When blogging was introduced to the masses around 1999, few people realized its potential to turn stay-at-home moms into bread winners or secretaries into best-selling authors. Read More »

Small claims court a good solution for businesses

If you own a business, chances are you’ve encountered at least a couple disputes with customers or other businesses. Read More »

Rent-to-own contracts a dubious business practice

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, rent-to-own contracts have found their way into the American economy. Read More »

Facebook posts can cost you time with your child

It seems we just can’t say it enough: be careful what you post on Facebook. Read More »

Parents and underage drinking: what you need to know

If you have a teenager, chances are you’re gearing up for prom and graduation season. Read More »

Estate planning: don't forget to plan for your digital estate

Estimates indicate 30 million Facebook accounts belong to dead people.  Read More »

Eight steps to protect yourself from tax identity theft

Sometimes waiting for your tax refund can feel like waiting for Christmas.  Read More »

Simple steps to select a lawyer for your business

Whatever your status as a business owner — prospective, new or established — you’re better off having a relationship with a business lawyer. Read More »

Licensing agreements can hold keys to expansion

Most people have a basic understanding of franchises. Read More »

Fantasy football? Don't bet on it

Right about the time fantasy football wraps up, it will be time for fantasy basketball, and Wisconsin fans will be at it again.  Read More »

Estate planning for parents: should the guardian and the trustee be the same person

My husband and I just had a baby and are doing our first will. Read More »

Employment discrimination: is age discrimination at work?

In the last few years, older adults have found themselves losing jobs and having great difficulty finding new ones. Read More »

Unmarried couples: consider challenges when buying property together

From young adults to seniors, unmarried people often buy property together. Read More »

New case law illustrates importance of reviewing nonprofit bylaws

Nonprofit corporations create bylaws when they are established, but two recent legal cases affirm that creating bylaws is not enough. Read More »

Naming your business: four steps to legally protect your business name

Opening a business is a big undertaking. Read More »