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Eight most common business mistakes

Owning and operating your own business can be a satisfying and profitable venture. But it’s also one that can lead to personal financial ruin. Read More »

Independent contractors: taxation and liability most common issues

With almost one in ten people still jobless in the U.S., many unemployed workers are turning to independent contractor work, bringing new opportunities — and challenges — to American workplaces. Read More »

NBA Finals: Two legal maneuvers that changed the sport ... and made some people very rich

With the NBA Final just days away, basketball fans are awaiting the match-up between the Cavaliers and the Warriors. In the meantime: two legal stories behind the NBA—one that made some older people very rich and another that’s earning some kids right out of high school more in one year than some of us will ever accrue in a lifetime. Read More »

Buying or selling a house: what you need to know

If there's anything buyers and sellers of homes have in common it is a need to know their local housing market. “If it’s been a while since you’ve sold a house or looked at houses, you need to be familiar with prices in your market,” said attorney Greg Bonney. It's especially important if you move to a new area. Read More »

Warranties: when must I state the warranty period for my services?

Is it unlawful for me not to state the warranty period for my work when I quote a job for a customer? It doesn’t matter... Read More »

Public domain: can I use Da Vinci painting in upcoming ad campaign?

I own a small, growing business and would like to use a famous Da Vinci painting in an upcoming advertising campaign.... Read More »

Credit: extending it wisely

The speed of business today has necessitated many changes in the way it is conducted. From online stores to the proliferation of credit cards, cash transactions are nearly obsolete — requiring most businesses to extend some form of credit in order to survive. Read More »

Social media: how can I protect my content?

With Pinterest, blogs and all the other social media out there, I want credit for my photos that are reposted. How can I protect my work? Read More »

Doing business as: three ways DBAs can help you grow your business

While many people know that in the business world DBA stands for “doing business as,” far fewer understand how and when to use a DBA. Read More »

Does your business need a valuation

As a business lawyer, Greg Bonney is periodically asked about business valuations. Business owners want to know when valuations, which can be costly and time-consuming, are warranted. Read More »