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Protecting consumer data requires vigilance

A few months ago it was Target and Michael’s. Then it was Heartbleed and Michael’s (again). Read More »

Students face academic - and legal - consequences when plagiarizing

The electronic age has given us easy access to a wealth of information on topics like history, science, art, homemaking, crafts, medicine, parenting and the law Read More »

Five ways to get a landlord to make repairs

We’ve all heard the stories: cockroaches, mold, plumbing problems and the landlord who won’t fix them. Read More »

About email disclaimers

Many people know that sickening feeling that comes when they realize they just hit send on an email intended for someone else. Read More »

"Fine print" musts for business websites

You may wonder if anyone actually reads those website terms and conditions found on most sites today. Read More »

Should you worry about online reviews?

A customer writes a negative online review about your restaurant.  Read More »

Be mindful of the law when blogging for business

More and more businesses today are discovering the benefits of blogging.  Read More »

Bloggers beware: what you post may not be legal

When blogging was introduced to the masses around 1999, few people realized its potential to turn stay-at-home moms into bread winners or secretaries into best-selling authors. Read More »

Small claims court a good solution for businesses

If you own a business, chances are you’ve encountered at least a couple disputes with customers or other businesses. Read More »

Simple steps to select a lawyer for your business

Whatever your status as a business owner — prospective, new or established — you’re better off having a relationship with a business lawyer. Read More »