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Public domain: can I use Da Vinci painting in upcoming ad campaign?

I own a small, growing business and would like to use a famous Da Vinci painting in an upcoming advertising campaign.... Read More »

Credit: extending it wisely

The speed of business today has necessitated many changes in the way it is conducted. From online stores to the proliferation of credit cards, cash transactions are nearly obsolete — requiring most businesses to extend some form of credit in order to survive. Read More »

Social media: how can I protect my content?

With Pinterest, blogs and all the other social media out there, I want credit for my photos that are reposted. How can I protect my work? Read More »

Doing business as: three ways DBAs can help you grow your business

While many people know that in the business world DBA stands for “doing business as,” far fewer understand how and when to use a DBA. Read More »

Does your business need a valuation

As a business lawyer, Greg Bonney is periodically asked about business valuations. Business owners want to know when valuations, which can be costly and time-consuming, are warranted. Read More »

Protecting consumer data requires vigilance

A few months ago it was Target and Michael’s. Then it was Heartbleed and Michael’s (again). Read More »

Five ways to get a landlord to make repairs

We’ve all heard the stories: cockroaches, mold, plumbing problems and the landlord who won’t fix them. Read More »

About email disclaimers

Many people know that sickening feeling that comes when they realize they just hit send on an email intended for someone else. Read More »

"Fine print" musts for business websites

You may wonder if anyone actually reads those website terms and conditions found on most sites today. Read More »

Should you worry about online reviews?

A customer writes a negative online review about your restaurant.  Read More »