Divorce & Family Law Posts

Parental rights: can my ex-wife's boyfriend adopt my son?

My ex-wife wants our son to be adopted by her live-in boyfriend. What is the best thing for me to do? Do I have to give... Read More »

Parental rights: can my child's mother move out of state with him?

My question is about Wisconsin law pertaining to paternal rights when a never-married couple has a child and the mother... Read More »

Name change: should you or shouldn't you?

Nearly 30,000 Wisconsin brides each year must decide whether to change their names when they marry. Among those,... Read More »

Divorce: how can I get my name removed from the mortgage?

When I divorced my husband, the property settlement called for the homestead property to become the sole property of my... Read More »

Cohabitation: living together contracts protect unmarried couples

The number of unmarried couples living together increased tenfold between 1960 and 2000, according to the U.S. Census... Read More »

Child support: can I suspend payment while unemployed?

I am a father of three children, one from a prior marriage and two from my current marriage. I have been unemployed for... Read More »

Child support: can I get my payments reduced?

I heard there are new rules about how judges will determine how much child support has to be paid. I think that means I... Read More »

Child custody and placement: what are father's rights?

My husband has visitation rights every other weekend with his daughter. The mother of the child has stopped letting him... Read More »

Divorce: how do I change my legal name?

I recently got divorced and want to change my legal name back to my maiden name. What steps do I need to take? Changing... Read More »

Six reasons to reconsider marriage later in life

By the time some single or divorced people reach age 50 or 60, they’ve sworn off marriage, even if they’re in a committed relationship. Read More »