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Auto accident: do I need an attorney?

I was in a car accident and have whiplash & a broken arm. It was the other driver’s fault and I have his insurance info. Is that enough or do I need a lawyer? Read More »

Do's and don'ts after a car accident

Did you know that on average in Wisconsin, there's an auto accident every four minutes? Read More »

Auto accidents: do's and don'ts

What should you do first after an automobile accident?  Read More »

5 tips for choosing a great lawyer

Whether you need help with estate planning, a divorce or a personal injury lawsuit, you’ll want and need to have the right attorney in your corner. Read More »

Rental Car Insurance: Get it or forget it?

Standing at the car rental counter after a long flight with tired and hungry kids is not the best time to wonder whether you need additional insurance to cover a rental car.  Read More »

Top 6 Myths About Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury cases aren't the slam dunks often featured on TV ads. Here's the reality. Read More »

What Is "Pain and Suffering?"

In a personal injury case how is “pain and suffering” defined, and how is it calculated?   Read More »

Five tips for choosing a lawyer

Chances are at some point in your life, you'll need a lawyer. It is the nature of the complex world we live in that sometimes we need the guidance of an attorney to protect our interests. Whatever the reason, you want to make sure you get the caliber of representation you deserve.  Read More »

Top 3 liabilities of summer

Summertime in Wisconsin is magical, but it isn’t all fun and games. Summer in Wisconsin is a prime time for injury-related accidents—many of which can easily be avoided and many of which carry big liability issues when they aren’t. Read More »

New meds and car accident...can I be sued?

I had an adverse reaction to some new medication while driving my car and accidentally hit and injured a bicyclist. Can criminal charges be filed? Can the bicyclist sue me? Read More »