Insurance Law Posts

Personal injury: five steps to a fair settlement

Despite what you may see on TV, most people injured in accidents aren’t awarded vast sums of money from lawsuits... Read More »

Insurance law leaves drivers with questions

If you've recently received a letter from your insurance agent about changes to your auto insurance, you're not alone.... Read More »

Insurance: as board member, do I need liability coverage?

I'm about to be named a director in a medium-sized company. Should I consider purchasing directors' and officers'... Read More »

Slippery roads underscore importance of umbrella policies

Mother Nature served up a reason to reconsider that umbrella policy on your auto insurance.  Read More »

Flying solo: when your children travel without you

My children are flying out west this summer to spend a week with my sister. What documents should I send with them for just-in-case incidents?   Read More »

Personal injury: should I take the settlement?

I was injured in a car accident this winter when another car slid through an intersection and broadsided me. Read More »

Pool Safety: Five Steps to Protect You from Injury Claims

With warm temperatures finally hitting the Coulee Region, many residents are seeking refuge in their pools or at least dreaming of installing one. Read More »

Small claims court: five fallacies to understand

Small claims court can be a great resource for ordinary people seeking civil justice. It’s quicker and less expensive than the usual court process, yet still yields legally enforceable judgments. Read More »

Attractive nuisances and recreational immunity: are you responsible?

A child wanders onto your property and is injured. Are you responsible? Read More »

Get the slip on 'slip and fall' accident liability

We live in Wisconsin or Minnesota, where we share a joke: we have six months of winter and six months of construction. Both can present opportunities for falls that are best prevented. Read More »